Trapping Cockroaches

Cockroach infestation and baiting


Trap them, bait them. (Photo Credits) 

 Roaches are the bane of existence of many homeowners hence pesticides, baits and traps are aplenty But not all of these work. Some may be able to get rid f roaches, but endanger the health of both humans and pets that live in the home.

While waiting for professional help, most homes try over the counter solutions to cockroach infestations in their home. Read More

Just like this Japanese roach bait that promises to get rid of cockroaches as shared by the website JPN Info.

“In the land of convenience, someone has already thought of a super effective problem. The ‘gokiburi hoi hoi’ houses will rescue you in your misery. It is the easiest and safest way to eliminate cockroaches without using chemicals. Sprays help temporally, but can not get them all. Cockroaches will hide in cracks in walls and wait for their opportunity to get back while you are away. So here come those insecticide-free houses, which will definitely help you out to remove most of so far gathered pest at home.”

Check out the gokiburi hoi hoi houses here.

Still in Japan, a man-sized roach trap had been part of an exhibit in a zoo as featured at the Wall Street Journal. Pest Control Poway 

The zoo had organized special exhibits of insects and reptiles for the past few years, which included snakes and centipedes. But due to the popularity of cockroaches, they said they decided to focus only on the insect this year.”

Read the rest of the article here.

British website Daily Mail meantime featured 100 million-year old cockroach trapped in amber.A terrifying new species of cockroach has been discovered preserved in 100 million-year-old amber. While it looks little like its modern relatives, researchers have discovered that the 1cm creature has a number of unique features that made it a ferocious hunter. Scientists say the ‘pursuit predator’, which lived alongside the dinosaurs, stalked its prey in the dead of night and would have been able to give larger creatures a nasty nip.”

Take a look at the cockroach here.

What was the biggest cockroach that you have seen?

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How to prevent roach infestation

What to do to avoid roaches

German Cockroach

Keep it clean, and keep them away. (Photo Credits)

Cockroaches are not just gross and dirty, they also endanger human health.

There are a lot of ways a homeowner can do to prevent cockroach infestation, but as the old adage says, prevention is better than cure.

So how can roach infestations be prevented?

Michigan State University’s Official website shared six tips to prevent cockroach infestation. Ace1 Website

“There are preventative measures that can be taken by the homeowner to protect their families and properties from the infestation of cockroaches. However, if your home is already infested and if left untreated, cockroaches can quickly establish themselves in high numbers and will spread to adjoining properties. They can potentially transmit disease and spread bacteria all over your home. Following these simple steps can minimize damage and eradicate infestation.”

Check out the preventive measures here.

Tidy up

Big Blue Bug also shared more than a dozen tips to prevent the creepy crawlers from entering the home.

“The diet of an American cockroach includes many things since they are scavengers, but they prefer decaying matter. They are attracted to sweet foods, but will also feed on starchy items such as the back of wallpaper or book bindings.”

Read the tips here.

Pest Kill for its part underscored the value of having a clean house in terms of preventing a roach infestation.

“The best way to prevent and get rid of roaches and water bugs is to clean up thoroughly. It doesn’t include too much. If there is nothing to eat in the house, cockroaches will have no reason to come to your property.”

Read the rest of the article here.

How do you prevent cockroach from being in your home?

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