How to get rid of fruit flies in your home

Natural ways to eradicate fruit flies in the home

Fruit Fly

Get rid of fruit flies in no time. (Photo Credits)

Fruit flies may not bite but is annoying and are just as dirty as it other germ-carrying insects.  When they are fully grown they can even be very gross, especially when they come in swarms.

Thankfully there is an easy, and all-natural solution to get rid of these pesky creatures. shared in a video clip that the main ingredient to the homemade fly bait is most likely in your pantry. San Diego, CA 

“You might have heard tips such as disposing of all your rotting fruits and vegetables, empty and clean trash and recycle bins frequently, replace old sponges and mops often, and fix slow drains and plumbing. Although those fixes may work temporarily, it does not get rid of the problem. If you have reached your limit with these nuisance pests, grab some apple cider vinegar, plastic wrap, a device to poke holes—a toothpick or comb—and a bowl or cup.”

Watch the video here.

The website All You offered an alternative solution for your fly bait in case you’ve ran out of cling wrap. Poway, CA     

“Don’t have plastic wrap on hand? You can also use cardstock to make a funnel, then attach it to the bottle with tape.”

Check out the step-by-step instructions here.

Mommypage for its part shared a different hack this time using fruits.

“If you have a problem with fruit flies, for example, then cut up some banana and mix it in with some leftover mango peels. Place this mix into a plastic container and cover it with cellophane. Poke a small hole in the cellophane that is big enough for the fruit flies. They will all get trapped inside and you can just toss the container away!”

Read the rest of the post here.

Did you ever have a fruit fly problem in your home?

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