Signs of Mice Infestation

Is it time to get a cat?

Baby Mouse

Are you suspecting mice presence around your home? (Photo Credits)

They may look cute in cartoons, but mice, mouse, rats, rodents, whatever people call them are just filthy and disgusting.

For a homeowner suspecting about mice infestation in his home, Batzner shared telltale signs of mice infestation.

“They might seem somewhat harmless or an issue that you can take care of yourself with traps or other products, however, a mice infestation is a dangerous problem and not to be taken lightly. Mice carry a wide variety of diseases and their continuous gnawing can cause damage to your electrical wiring, sparking a fire. Additionally, if mice are not effectively driven out of your home or business, they can multiply very quickly.”

Read the top ten signs here.

The website How to Get Rid of Mice shared ten best mouse baits for you to place next to your traps. San Diego

“Mice are crafty little creatures. They may try to sneak away with the bait before getting caught.”

Here are the top 10 baits.

Some rats though can resist rat poison, or avoid baits, as shared in the report of British website Independent. Poway California 

“An increasing number of huge rats immune to over-the-counter poisons are threatening to invade British homes this winter, the British Pest Control Association has warned. Experts say that unlike their normal-sized relatives, the mutant rodents are not only resistant to toxic pellets used by many home-owners, but are getting bigger and stronger.”

Check out the rest of the article here.

Of course if a homeowners wants to totally eliminate any threat of infestation, the way to go is to call the professionals. Call for a competent and reliable pest control service.

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