How to make your own Chemical-Free Plant Pesticide

DIY Natural Garden Pesticide

What the damned bugs did to my peppers

What pests can do to your garden plants. (Photo Credits)

Having a lush garden is wonderful, but the reality is pests can come in to destroy that wealth of green any home gardener can make.

There however are ways to prevent pests from damaging garden plants – but not are all recommendable as most pesticides in the market are chemical-laden and can cause harm to the gardener, the environment, and even to the person who will eat the produce.

A good solution is chemical-free pesticides, which surprisingly are not as expensive as its counterpart, in fact one can even make it at home!

The website Bless my Weeds for instance shared a recipe for a homemade natural pesticide spray.

“It is estimated that more pesticides are used by homeowners and families than by actual farmers. This is an incredibly large amount of pesticides being used by everyday gardeners, but chemical pesticides can have their dangers. Here are some great ways to avoid using potentially toxic pesticides and replacing them with safer and more environmental-friendly alternatives.”

Check out the alternatives here.

Many ways to make chemical-free pesticides

Diet of Life also shared four recipes. Pest Removal

“Everyone who has a garden and enjoys gardening tasks knows how troublesome garden pests can get. Whether it is snails taking over your lettuce or aphids sucking on your roses, a pest infestation is definitely frustrating, but it is not a reason to resort to harmful, toxic pesticides.”

Get the recipes here.

A man who has meantime patented a non-toxic pesticide, is meantime seen as the person who can just make agricultural chemicals out of the shelves — for good.

“In a nutshell, mycologist and permaculture advocate Paul Stamets has discovered a chemical-free method to trick insects into gathering, stockpiling and eating insect-killing (entomopathogenic) fungi, which then take over their bodies and devour them.”

Learn more here.

What pesticide do you use in your home garden?


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Spider Invasion

When Spiders Invade the Home


What you can do when you face a spider invasion. (Photo Credits)

Just the thought of having spiders in the home can creep up many people, especially families with young children.

They bite, they are venomous, and are just plain hair-raising.

In Ireland, a particular specie of spider has recently multiplied and have been the subject of pest control callouts as mentioned in Sunday World. Pest Services           

The false widow spider or Steatoda nobilis which came to the UK from the Canary Islands a hundred years ago have made a home for themselves in Ireland and are growing in population. A bite from the false widow is rarely fatal, but can cause infections and in some cases amputations.”

Check out the story here.

Scary Spiders

And who would not be scared when the number of attacks have been escalating. The website Irish Mirror has shared that Pest Control companies have been issuing warnings about such.

“The poisonous pests have been multiplying in large numbers for the past few years due to our milder winters. One pest control company has revealed it is dealing with 10 to 15 callouts a week from terrified homeowners nationwide.”

Read the rest of the article here.

In Australia, a nightmare for those with Arachnophobia has just become a reality. Fun Times News reported that baby spiders rained down on people in one area in the country.

The crazy incident happened at Goulburn were homes and streets were covered in cobwebs and spiders. Those who were out and about at the time reported getting hundreds of spiders landing on them and getting stuck in their hair. Several guys reported having them crawling through their beards”

Check out the photos about the spider rain here.

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Avoid Termite Damage in your Property

How to Prevent Termite Damage


Avoid termites like the plague. (Photo Credits)

Termites can just be the worst thing that could happen to anyone’s property. Structural and financial damage are definitely imminent when a home or an establishment gets infested.

Green Ply Plywood Blog shared some tips on how to prevent termites from damaging a property.

“Wooden furniture bring a lot of natural warmth to any home, and also look great for ages to come. Unfortunately, they also attract termites. Even if you take good care of your furniture – once you hear that familiar scraping noise, it means all that effort is moot. You have two solutions – to replace the furniture, or to fumigate them to kill the termites. The second one isn’t too safe either, if you consider a recent CNN news item, where it was shown how a 10-year old had to be hospitalized and lost most of his motor skills after suffering from poisoning caused by fumigation.”

Read the rest of the post here.

Avoid the worst

Articles Hub also shared yet another set of tips to avoid termite damage.

“The first thing that a homeowner can do is to eliminate their food and water sources. Keep mulch that you are using in the flower beds away from the foundation, cut back foliage, keeping it well away from the house. If you water your lawn, make sure the sprinklers are aimed away from the house and use downspout extensions to deliver rain water well into the yard.”

Check out the rest of the post here.

The website About also shared some prevention tips. Pest Control 

“Having your property inspected yearly by a certified termite inspector can help spot any existing damage. These inspectors will look for signs of termites such as swarmers or mud tubes. They will also inspect the wood for signs of damage.”

See the rest of the post here.

How do you avoid termite damage?

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Have a Tick-Free Garden

How to get rid of ticks in the Garden


Prevent and get rid of ticks in your yard and garden. (Photo Credits) 

The garden offers rest, relaxation and even leisure to hobbyists but it can also be a place for ticks to hide.

Awesome Jelly shared ways on how to get rid of these critters.

“Ticks love to hide in piles of leaves and yard debris. Most experts agree that simply keeping your grass trimmed and tidy will severely reduce the number of ticks that congregate on your property.”

Read the tips here.

Tick-free Yard

Tree Hugger also posted its techniques on tick prevention and eradication. San Marcos CA

“Biting bugs suck, so to speak – they are a nuisance and carry diseases. Deer ticks, in particular, are vexing. They put the ick in tick. They bring us Lyme disease, the bacterial infection anaplasmosis, the parasitic infection babesiosis and the Powassan virus, all of which can be serious (and even fatal) at times. And in general, tick populations are expanding their turf.”

Check out the rest of the post here.

Do My Own Pest Control also shared some important things to keep in mind to get rid of ticks. Pest Services

“Eliminating a tick infestation will mean treating all the places that can be infested including your pet, your home and your yard. Failing to treat all of the areas will likely lead to treatment failure. We recommend starting with your pets and then treating the home and yard. The treatments should be done around the same time for the best results.”

See more here.

Do you have ticks at home?

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