Have a Tick-Free Garden

How to get rid of ticks in the Garden


Prevent and get rid of ticks in your yard and garden. (Photo Credits) 

The garden offers rest, relaxation and even leisure to hobbyists but it can also be a place for ticks to hide.

Awesome Jelly shared ways on how to get rid of these critters.

“Ticks love to hide in piles of leaves and yard debris. Most experts agree that simply keeping your grass trimmed and tidy will severely reduce the number of ticks that congregate on your property.”

Read the tips here.

Tick-free Yard

Tree Hugger also posted its techniques on tick prevention and eradication. San Marcos CA

“Biting bugs suck, so to speak – they are a nuisance and carry diseases. Deer ticks, in particular, are vexing. They put the ick in tick. They bring us Lyme disease, the bacterial infection anaplasmosis, the parasitic infection babesiosis and the Powassan virus, all of which can be serious (and even fatal) at times. And in general, tick populations are expanding their turf.”

Check out the rest of the post here.

Do My Own Pest Control also shared some important things to keep in mind to get rid of ticks. Pest Services

“Eliminating a tick infestation will mean treating all the places that can be infested including your pet, your home and your yard. Failing to treat all of the areas will likely lead to treatment failure. We recommend starting with your pets and then treating the home and yard. The treatments should be done around the same time for the best results.”

See more here.

Do you have ticks at home?


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