The Perils of bedbugs

Annoying bed bugs cause so much hassle and stress

Cimex lectularius (bed bug)

Gross and annoying bedbugs. (Photo Credits)

Bed bugs are not just plain gross and annoying, they too can get the better of owners of homes and properties that they infest.

Just like this man who had been reported to set his house on fire because of bed bug infestation as reported by WMUR-9. Pest Control San Diego CA

“An affidavit released Wednesday by the state fire marshal said Gracyalny admitted to investigators on the scene that he set the fire because of the infestation. Gracyalny reported that his wife was suffering from bites, and that he worried the bugs couldn’t be destroyed any other way.”

Read the rest of the report here.

Getting rid of not just the bed bugs

A landlord meantime threatened to make a tenant leave because of bed bug infestation.

“When an exterminator showed up last month at the door of Ashley Cunningham’s apartment, he noted a pest infestation so bad that he could see bedbugs crawling across her daughter’s playpen from across the room.  She immediately threw out the playpen and the unit was sprayed, but it wasn’t enough. Two days later, Cunningham and numerous other tenants in Emerald Street South complex, near Hunter Street East, were served with notice they will be evicted if they don’t help get rid of the pest problem. “

Read the rest of the story here.

In Detroit, a man accidentally set himself and his apartment ablaze because of bedbugs.

“The 30-yr-old man whose name has been withheld, was revealed to have sprayed rubbing alcohol on his couch and body at about 4:30am, in one last desperate attempt to get rid of the bed bugs in his home. After the alcohol ritual, the man was reported to have lit a cigarette to enjoy, and in a bid to burn one of the critters with the smoldering cigarette, he touched the lit end of the cigarette to the alcohol soaked couch, which immediately caught fire.”

Check out the rest of the story here.

When bed bugs becomes too much of a problem, professional help is vital.

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